A SWEET Destination

Baking is one part passion, one part precision and at Whisk A Wish, it's also a truckload of fun. I don't take myself too seriously, but my life does revolve around the rise of a souffle and the crumb of a brownie. 

Born from a need for unconventional, tailormade desserts and sweet treats, the Whisk A Wish menu is full of signature creations and in-house specials. Expect a killer wholewheat Carrot Cake (often said to be the best Carrot Cake in town) and sinful boozy liquer cakes on the same page, while traditional mithai is reinvented with our Mawa Cake for the older crowd and childhood treats get a makeover with the Tiramisu Eclairs, a flavourful marriage of Italian and the French. 

As part of my baking love, I also run The Cookie Project - where I have featured another talented baker on my page. An exclusive range of 100% whole wheat cookies and other healthy dessert options. 

Tanya Gupta

Lemon and white chocolate biscotti

healthy cookies

A range of 100% whole wheat, low sugar, low fat cookies, perfect for a midday snack for the health conscious.

Granola Bars

Granola Bars and Cereal

On the go snack, our granola bars are available in a range of flavours and can be made gluten-free, vegan and or refined sugarfree.

Orange curd filled cardamom and vanilla muffin

innovative cupcakes

From time to time we come up with custom cupcake flavours, talk to us to know more.